An environmental friendly, versatile degreaser and cleaner, iCotz™ Degreaser replaces mineral spirits, hazardous chemicals and most hydrocarbon solvents in critical industrial cleaning applications. Unlike most industrial strength cleaning products that have undesirable side effects or inherent dangers linked to their use, iCotz™ Degreaser is safe with no hazardous components and is highly effective for heavy duty degreasing or cleaning operations in many industries.

iCotz™ Degreaser is a water-soluble concentrated colloidal agent, that can be used on any washable surface. It is hygenic and ideal for use in “clean” environments such as laboratories and electronic-component manufacturing. Due to its superior colloidal holding power, iCotz™ Degreaser continues working long after most other cleaners are exhausted. It holds dirt and grease in colloidal suspension in the solution, which prevents re-deposition of dirt.

In addition to the many benefits above, iCotz™ Degreaser generates very low levels of foam thus easily rinse free of any residue. It is biodegradable, sewer disposable and non-flammable, which eliminates the need for explosion and fire proof setting. iCotz™ Degreaser is safe to use in food preparation areas. This powerful multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is the solution to all your cleaning problems.

Packaging Available: 500ML, 5L
Key Benefits

1) Multi purpose and can be use on any material which is safe in contact with water
2) Completely safe, non-hazardous and sewer disposable
3) No unpleasant after-effects, no residue and no odor
4) Effective in hot and cold water
5) Economical and keeps working long after other cleaners would be exhausted
* For effective rust inhibiting, iCotz™ Degreaser Premium is recommended

Key Properties

1) Effective and versatile water soluble cleaning and degreasing
2) Colloidal holding power to prevent re-deposition of dirt and
3) Easily rinse free of any residue
4) Effective in hot and cold water
5) Non-toxic, environmental friendly and biodegradable
6) Non-flammable and non-fuming

Areas of Application

Most industrial cleaning, manufacturing industries, marine and shipping industries, resin clean-up, ultrasonic degreasing, automotive parts degreasing, commercial degreasing, steam and pressure washes, oil rigs, petroleum industries, metal processing etc.